Approach :

  1. Introduction on value education.
  2. Mention value education’s significance pointwise.
  3. Mention the 4 methodologies of teaching values in schools.
  4. Conclusion.

Today, education is not just confined to books alone, but goes beyond that. Surprisingly, it is felt that moral values are almost disappearing among today’s children. To resolve this, value education can be a panacea, which holds the power to change the world.

Value education: Education is a life-long process which includes both academic & moral value education. Although a child’s education starts from his home, yet, its formalization takes place in schools – the base for a student’s future. That’s why schools play a significant role in providing value laden education. Value education aims at training the children with the right set of values & attitude to face the outer world, thus enhancing their personality, citizenship and spiritual development.

Significance of value education for children:

  • It helps in character development by improving the moral strength & awareness.
  • It helps in inner & external personality development like physical, social and mental development.
  • It helps them to better socialize that starts with behaviors towards, teachers, classmates and elders. They learn cooperative behavior, and develops a positive mindset.
  • Mental & social thinking enhances positive attitude towards society’s issues.
  • Shared values creates a cohesive ecosystem.
  • It can help them in knowing the true purpose of life, by teaching them the best way to live in harmony with others. It can also help them in attaining their life-goals.
  • It makes them more sensible & responsible.

How can value education be taught in classrooms:

  • Through classroom pedagogical methods like discussions, reading, illustrations, etc.
  • Through practical activity method by description of practical strategies and applying those imbibed skills in one’s own life.
  • Through incident learning method by which episode or experiences of an individual / group will be shared and studied.
  • Through socialized technique wherein children will simulate the functions and problems of agents in socialization.

Clearly, value based education is essential for holistic development of child. Value education promotes a well-balanced individual with strong character & sense of right values.

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