Why The inquiry:

The reaction to the latest National Family Health Survey’s persistently high rates of childhood undernutrition has been a mix of dismay and debate. Dismay because the prevalence of 35.5% stunting, 32.1% underweight, and 19.3% wasting in children under the age of five does not bode well for their current or future health or cognitive development.


The question’s main demand

The question’s main demand is to write about the causes of malnutrition and the solutions needed to combat it.


Elaborate – Give a detailed account of how and why it happened, or what the context is. Wherever possible, define key terms and back them up with relevant associated facts.


Structure of the response:


Begin by providing statistics on the state of malnutrition in India.


Write about the various causes of malnutrition, such as poverty, maternal health illiteracy, diseases such as diarrhoea, the home environment, dietary practices, hand washing and other hygiene practices, and so on. Mention its significance briefly.

Next, write about the steps that must be taken to address the issues raised above, such as making healthy foods more affordable and regulating unhealthy foods.



Provide a plan for the future.

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