This case study explores the marital struggles faced by a working couple and the issues arising from conflicts in ego.

Prakash, the husband, exhibits several qualities that contribute to the difficulties in their relationship:

  • Lack of Respect for Human Dignity: Prakash displayed disrespect by slapping a subordinate, indicating a lack of politeness and humility towards his colleagues.
  • Lack of Conscientiousness: Prakash’s personal issues are affecting his professional life, demonstrating a lack of conscientiousness towards maintaining a work-life balance.
  • Poor Co-worker Skills: Prakash fails to show care, respect, and appreciation for his wife Meena’s achievements, indicating a lack of social skills in the workplace.
  • Lack of Emotional Intelligence: Prakash struggles to manage his anger and frustration, particularly in dealing with his jealousy towards Meena’s success.
  • Display of Patriarchal Values: Prakash exhibits patriarchal tendencies, evident in his discomfort with reporting to his wife or accepting her success.
  • Failure as a Husband: Prakash lacks respect for Meena’s aspirations and efforts to improve their marriage by leaving her previous job.

Similarly, Meena also possesses certain shortcomings that contribute to their troubled relationship:

  • Lack of Communication: Meena’s failure to communicate with Prakash has led to significant conflicts and clashes of ego.
  • Inadequate Effort in Marital Bonds: Meena hasn’t invested enough effort in strengthening their relationship.
  • Failure to Consider Work-Personal Life Balance: Meena didn’t foresee the challenges of being co-workers with her husband, leading to difficulties in balancing personal and professional aspects.
  • Poor Work-Life Balance: Meena, like Prakash, allowed her professional life to impact her personal time, resulting in insufficient quality time together.

As a mutual friend of Meena and Prakash, I would offer the following advice to help them overcome their marital issues:

  • Take a Break: Both should temporarily step back from their professional commitments and dedicate time to discuss their concerns, possibly through a vacation or road-trip.
  • Effective Communication: Emphasize the importance of open and honest communication to resolve conflicts. They should establish dedicated, interruption-free time each day for meaningful conversations.
  • Set Ego Aside: Both partners should prioritize their marriage over ego and consider starting afresh in new jobs if necessary.
  • Seek Professional Help: Consulting a psychologist or professional consultant can aid in addressing both their personal and professional challenges.
  • Appreciate Each Other: Making a list of each other’s best qualities will help them appreciate and value their partner.
  • Apologize Sincerely: Prakash should apologize genuinely and take moral responsibility to repair the marriage.

To avoid such distressing situations in the future, they can develop the following qualities:

  • Efficiently Manage Work and Personal Life: Adopt effective time management strategies, such as taking regular leaves and utilizing flexible working options like work-from-home.
  • Improve Self-Awareness: Engage in honest self-reflection to understand their actions’ impact on their personal life.
  • Spend Quality Time Together: Prioritize spending quality time together to strengthen their marital bonds and appreciate each other’s efforts and achievements.
  • Foster Open Communication: Encourage open discussions about life, interests, dreams, and feelings to address issues promptly.
  • Support Each Other’s Goals: Encourage and support each other’s dreams and hobbies to nurture a supportive relationship.
  • Engage in Selfless Acts: Involvement in philanthropic or social causes can enhance empathy and provide a broader perspective on life.


A happy married life requires effort, especially for partners experiencing significant work stress. Divorce should be the last resort, with every effort made to preserve and nurture the relationship.

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