Why this Question:

The question is included in the static syllabus of General studies paper – 4 as well as ‘Conceptual Tuesdays’ in Mission-2023 Secure.

The question’s main demand:

To establish a link between emotional intelligence and effective leadership.


Explain – Give a detailed account of how and why something happened, or what the context is. Wherever possible, define key terms and back them up with relevant associated facts.

Structure of the response:


To begin, define emotional intelligence (EI).


First, discuss the role of emotional intelligence in perceiving, using, understanding, and managing emotions.

Next, connect the emotional aspect of EI to communication and persuasion – attempting to influence an outcome or followers by using authority, consistency, and commitment, liking and reciprocity/reciprocity, and so on. Write about its relationship to leadership.

Conclusion: Emphasise the implications for leaders and employers in understanding the importance of interpersonal relationships in the organisational context.

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