Why this question:

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s recent visit to India demonstrates the United States’ renewed emphasis on strengthening economic ties with Asia’s third-largest economy and ‘one of America’s indispensable partners.’

Key The question’s demand:

To write about the scope of India-United States (US) relations – in areas such as defence, technology, and so on – with a focus on current geopolitics.

Directive phrase:

Investigate – When asked to ‘Examine,’ we must thoroughly investigate the topic (content words), inspect it, investigate it, and identify the key facts and issues concerning the topic in question. While doing so, we should explain why these facts and issues are significant and what they mean.

Structure of the response:


Begin by providing context for the recent expansion of the India-US relationship.


In the first section, describe the United States as India’s most comprehensive strategic partner, with cooperation spanning multiple fields such as trade, defence, multilateralism, intelligence, cyberspace, civil nuclear energy, education, and healthcare.

Next, discuss current geopolitical challenges and how both countries can navigate them and capitalise on opportunities.


Write a plan for the future.

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