Why this question:

In a developing country like India, the coexistence of organised and unorganised sectors is not a new issue. While the debate rages on, particularly in the services sector, a new (though related) variant of the issue now concerns the coexistence of traditional brick-and-mortar sellers with online marketplaces (so-called e-commerce aggregators) like Flipkart and Amazon.

The question’s main demand:

To write about MSME’s contribution to India’s growth and how e-commerce has impacted MSMEs.

Directive phrase:

Evaluate – When asked to evaluate, you must make an informed decision about the truth of the given statement in the question or topic based on evidence. You must evaluate the statement in question’s worth. There is room for interpretation here.

Structure of the response:


Begin by providing a factual status of the proportion of MSME in relation to the population dependent on it, as well as the dimension of India’s demographic demand.


Explain the significance of MSMEs in the country’s socioeconomic development. GDP growth, job creation, exports, and entrepreneurship, among other things.

Mention the challenges posed by e-commerce platforms to MSMEs, such as competition, discounts, imports, and so on.

Next, propose ways in which they can coexist.


Write a way forward and summarise the overall impact of MSMEs on India’s socioeconomic development.

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