Why this question:

Gujarat Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi announced the formation of a committee to implement a uniform civil code (UCC) in the state on Saturday (October 29). In May of this year, Uttarakhand announced the formation of a committee led by retired Supreme Court Justice Ranjana Desai to conduct a similar exercise. The BJP-ruled states of Assam and Himachal Pradesh have also expressed support for a UCC.

The question’s main demand:


To write about and analyse the debate over the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code.

Directive phrase:

Analyze critically – When asked to analyse, you must examine the structure or nature of the topic methodically by breaking it down into component parts and presenting them in a summary. When the word ‘critically’ is prefixed or suffixed to a directive, it means that the writer must consider both the positive and negative aspects of the topic before passing judgement.

Structure of the response:


Begin by defining the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in accordance with Article 44.


First, explain the goals and objectives of UCC in India.

Next, go over the arguments for UCC in India that were mentioned in the DPSP, such as uniformity of laws, achieving equality, law simplification, progressive measures, and so on.

Next, go over the arguments against the UCC in India in detail: lack of consensus, opposition to cultural diversity, minority rights, tribal customs, and so on.


Give a balanced opinion about UCC in your conclusion.

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