Why this Question

On Thursday, ASEAN foreign ministers met in Jakarta to discuss their options in Myanmar, where the military is using increasingly violent methods to suppress the armed opposition to its February 2021 takeover.

Directive phrase:

Critically examine – When asked to ‘Examine,’ we must thoroughly investigate the topic (content words), inspect it, investigate it, and identify the key facts and issues related to the topic in question. While doing so, we should explain why these facts and issues are significant and what they mean. When the suffix or prefix ‘critically’ is prefixed or suffixed to a directive, one must consider both the positive and negative aspects of the topic and make an informed decision.

Structure of the response:


Begin by providing context for Indo-Myanmar relations.


Mention the significance of Myanmar to India’s Act East Policy in the first section.

Next, write down the various options for restoring democracy in Myanmar. Using the United Nations and ASEAN, as well as bilateral diplomacy, etc. Cast light on Russia and China’s roles.

Write about the other outreach measures that India should investigate in order to have a successful Act East policy.

Conclusion: Provide a plan for the future.

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