Why this Question:

The question is included in the static syllabus of General studies paper – 3 and is mentioned in the Mission-2023 Secure timetable.

Key The question’s demand:

To write about the difficulties associated with the remoteness of the Indian coastline and how to overcome them.

Examine is a command word. When asked to ‘Examine,’ we must thoroughly investigate the topic (content words), inspect it, investigate it, and identify the key facts and issues concerning the topic in question. While doing so, we should explain why these facts and issues are significant and what they mean.

Structure of the response:


To begin, provide context.


In the first section, discuss the various challenges associated with the Indian coastline, such as infiltration, illegal migration, smuggling, terrorism, and so on. India’s vulnerability is exacerbated by its proximity to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Gulf countries. India has long faced cross-border terrorism.

Next, describe the steps necessary to overcome the aforementioned challenges, using a combination of technology to facilitate surveillance, identification, command and control applications.

Conclusion: Write a plan for the future.

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