The presented case study delves into a challenging ethical scenario faced by a government official. This dilemma revolves around the use of social media concerning a crisis involving the official’s child, and the utilization of social media as a means to combat fake propaganda.

Main Body

(a) Ethical Issues in the Use of Social Media

  • Invasion of Privacy:
    Example: Students denigrating the official’s son and family without their consent.
  • Bullying and Harassment:
    Example: Online abuse leading to psychological impacts on the individuals involved.
  • Lack of Responsibility and Accountability:
    Example: Anonymity allowing individuals to engage in irresponsible behavior without consequences.
  • Misuse of Technology:
    Example: Exploitation of social media platforms for malicious purposes.
  • Balancing Parental Responsibilities:
    Example: Juggling the role of a parent while addressing the misuse of social media by the official’s child.

(b) Pros and Cons of Using Social Media to Counter Fake Propaganda


  • Information Dissemination:
    Example: Quick dissemination of accurate information to present the true facts.
  • Transparency:
    Example: Using social media to provide context and evidence, fostering transparency.
  • Support and Solidarity:
    Example: Garnering emotional support from friends, colleagues, and the online community.


  • Escalation:
    Example: Responding on social media may attract further negative attention and comments.
  • Privacy Risks:
    Example: Posting personal information without consent may infringe on privacy rights.
  • Cyberbullying:
    Example: Engagement in a social media feud may lead to cyberbullying or harassment.
  • Misinterpretation:
    Example: Online communication can be easily misinterpreted, leading to unintended consequences.
  • Impact on Child:
    Example: Involving the child in a social media dispute may have unintended psychological consequences.


In navigating the complexities of using social media to counter fake propaganda, a cautious approach is imperative. The protagonist should prioritize transparency, accuracy, and adherence to ethical principles.

In addition, involving school authorities and legal channels is recommended to effectively address the issue while safeguarding the family’s privacy and well-being.

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