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HIT Main 2020

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Subject Specific Tests4
Essay Tests4
Full Length Tests10

In the Civil Services Mains Examination, answer writing plays a pivotal role and remains the decisive component of all the three-stage exam. Most of the times, a high score in Mains guarantees a better final rank.

For more than a decade, We at Legacy IAS, have been noticing trends of the Mains exam. Firstly, our experts will help the students with not only adhering to the UPSC standard but also with covering the syllabus with greater clarity in a holistic manner. Secondly, students will be provided with considerable experts for each subject to evaluate their answers and provide them with valuable feedback. This will help students in writing appealing answers within time constraints imposed by UPSC. 

This year, we have also devised the LRP (Legacy realization program) for students which will help them in prelims and Main exam as well. This programme will help in developing an in-depth understanding of topics, enhancing the skill of answer writing and general areas of concern regarding the Main Examination. Through this program, we are hoping to address the concerns which were left behind by the test discussion (see below for more information).

Salient Features

1. The Legacy IAS Mains Test Series is a blend of current affairs and conventional topics – as per the latest UPSC trends

2. Our question papers are prepared after thorough research from standard books, government websites, relevant newspapers etc.

3. Evaluation of answers is done by a dedicated team of subject experts only.

4. In the Test Series, an appropriate number of days has been provided between successive tests for adequate preparation and revision.

5. We are also providing clear and crisp information in the form of detailed answers with each test to help you enrich your overall knowledge.

6. Test Answer explanations and Discussions will be held through various modes including videos, email or Phone

Mode: HIT Main Exam test series 2020 is available in offline(classroom) and online mode (through a dedicated platform)

Multi-Dimensional Assessment and Feedback (M-DAF) System for HIT Series- 2020 Main

1. Current Affairs and Static Portion Mix: It is to check the capability of the aspirant to handle both types of questions and their integrated knowledge base

2. Overall performance Analysis: Subject & Section wise analysis, how one has fared with different levels of questions through Difficulty Analysis, juxtaposing one’s performance with others – toppers as   well as average scores and a final integrated Score Card

How to look at the mock test papers?: Across and within them

1. Difficulty Level (DL): Easy (E), Intermediate (I), Difficult (D), Very Difficult (VD)

2. Style and Nature of Question: Fundamental /Conceptual /Conventional (F), Current Affairs (CA), Fundamental + Current Affairs (FCA) and Unconventional (U)

What UPSC says about Assessment CRITERIA?:

As per UPSC instruction for Main exam Answer sheets evaluation:

“The main Examination is intended to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates rather than merely the range of their information and memory”.

How will your Answer-sheets be evaluated?

Subject Experts and Mentors will put to use their experience in the field of tutoring UPSC aspirants and use the following parameters to evaluate a candidate’s paper

Parameters for awarding scores:

1. Introduction Ability: Initiate an answer with Definitions/Current Affairs event/ Background data of an event/ Statistical data etc.

2. Context relevance: Understanding why that particular question has been asked and what is it asking in particular. Pay attention to “tail words” è Elucidate, Explain, Comment, Examine, critically examine, Discuss, Analyze, Illustrate, Review, Argue, Justify etc

3. Content Efficacy: “To the point Answers”, “Don’t beat around the bush”, “Quality matters, not Quantity”. Make your answers better through examples, facts, data, arguments, critical analysis, etc

4. Linguistic Ability: Lucid expression of ideas, concepts and thoughts. Limit grammatical and spelling errors – leaves a good impression. Use jargons only in optional paper and pay attention to word limit – ability to make elaborations succinct and precise

5. Articulation and Structuring ability: Content organisation to display the continuity in the answer – making sure that different parts of the answer are indeed connected via vital linkages. Using representations – flowchart, diagram, tables etc

6. Concluding remarks Ability: End an answer with a proper closure. Either by the way of suggestions, innovative solutions, balanced views etc

1. Legacy IAS will reserve the right to suspend a candidate from test series if the candidate is found to have disseminating the content provided by Legacy IAS for “Individual use Only” 
2. It is compulsory for the student to provide the UPSC Roll Number when asked for 
3. Fee once paid is non-refundable under any circumstance 
4. Legacy IAS reserves the rights to admit on special grounds or limit the admissions based on certain grounds 
5. Legacy IAS also has the right to make necessary changes in Test series schedule 
6. Question papers, Answer keys with explanations will be provided in the printed form only once, if approached at the Test Centre in Jayanagar, Bangalore. 
7. All the Value-Added Material that is exclusive for Test Series candidates will be available only in the PDF format