What are the Electoral Bonds?

What are Electoral Bonds

Focus: GS II- Polity and Governance Why in News? Sale of Electoral Bonds at Authorized Branches of State Bank of India (SBI). What are Electoral Bonds? An electoral bond is like a promissory note that can be bought by any Indian citizen or company incorporated in India from select branches of State Bank of India. […]

Vice-President Of India

Vice-President Of India

Context: The Election Comission has announced that the election to the post of the Vice-President (VP) will be held on August 6, as M. Venkaiah Naidu’s term was coming to an end on August 10. Relevance: GS II- Polity and Governance Dimensions of the Article: About Vice-President Election Qualification Oath or Affirmation Conditions of the […]

Kihoto Hollohan Judgment

Context: As the political battle in Maharashtra moves to the Supreme Court, the role and powers of the Deputy Speaker are in focus. In the context of the crisis, references have been made to the landmark judgment in ‘Kihoto Hollohan vs Zachillhu And Others’ (1992). Relevance: GS II- Polity and Government Dimensions of the Article: […]

Anti-Defection Law

Context: The political crisis in Maharashtra has given rise to the question whether the Shiv Sena rebels can avoid disqualification under the anti-defection law. Relevance: GS-II: Polity and Constitution (Constitutional Provisions, Legislature and Elections, Executive, Separation of Powers) Dimensions of the Article: What is Defection? 10th Schedule of the Indian Constitution (Anti-Defection Law) When do the […]

Inter-State Council

Context: Recently, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister wrote to Prime Minister, asking that at least three meetings of the Inter-State Council should be held every year to “strengthen the spirit of cooperative federalism”. He also suggested that bills of national importance should be placed before the Council before being tabled in Parliament. He said this was […]

ASI Act To Be Made More Flexible

Context: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is working on an amendment to make the rule that governs the protection of monuments and archaeological sites “more flexible and people-friendly” Relevance: GS II- Polity and Governance Dimensions of the Article: Details What is the AMASR Act? About Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) Details: The ASI is […]

What Is Hate Speech?

Context: The debate surrounding the comments by BJP spokespersons have put the spotlight on the law that deals with criticism of or insult to religion. Provisions in the Indian Penal Code (IPC), primarily Section 295A, define the contours of free speech and its limitations with respect to offences relating to religion. India does not have […]

Special Remission to Prisoners

Context: The Union Home Ministry issued a set of guidelines to the States and the Union Territories on the grant of special remission to prisoners to commemorate the 75th year of Independence. Relevance: GS II- Polity and Governance Dimensions of the Article: Details About  the grant of special remission President’s Pardoning Power: Article 72 Governor’s […]

Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2022

Context: According to the 2022 Reuters Institute Digital News Report, trust in news is falling in nearly half the countries surveyed, with significant proportions of the public, especially younger age groups, beginning to turn away from news. Further, news consumption is increasingly happening via social media platforms such as TikTok rather than traditional media. Relevance: […]

What are Zonal Councils?

What are Zonal Councils?

Focus: GS II- Polity and Governance Why in News? Recently, the Minister of Home Affairs chaired the 25th meeting of the Western Zonal Council at Diu. Issues discussed in the Meeting Improvement of banking services in rural areas. Surveillance of rape and sexual assault cases involving women and children, as well as the establishment of Fast Track Courts for such […]