Optional Subject

The coaching programmes for Optional Subjects are designed to progressively increase the subject expertise on every step (from NCERTs to Advance levels). It is a meticulously designed plan to manage one’s preparation of GS subjects and keep one on track towards covering the optional syllabus extensively.

The course for Optional subject is constructed to facilitate a candidate to attain maximum marks, without much emphasis on the academic discipline of the candidate’s graduation in the subject, by using detailed-analytical deconstruction of the subject syllabus and its previous question papers.

Optional Subjects available at Legacy IAS:
The following optional subjects will be available for sure:
1. Anthropology optional
2. Public Administration optional
3. Psychology optional
4. Political Science optional

Availability of all other optionals will be dependent on the requisite number of students for a particular batch. The other optional subjects that may be availed are:
1. Sociology optional
2. Geography optional
3. Kannada Literature

  • Duration of the Course: October 2020 to February 2021.
  • Tests: There will be 5 Full length Tests along with Daily Answer writing practice.

Importance of Optional

The importance of Optional subject in helping an aspirant get through this examination stands unquestioned to-date. Remember, when you select the right optional you are almost halfway through in this examination.

Optional Subject of your choosing will have 2 papers, each carrying 250 marks. A total of 500/1750 would mean 28.5% of the marks in the Main exam. Also, the contribution of Optional marks relative to GS papers’ marks is higher. It means on an average a candidate scores 35%-45% marks in GS papers. On the other hand, they score 55%-70% marks in the optional. This variation is probably due to the fact that the knowledge base for GS is the same for all students who have cleared Preliminary exam.

A candidate who chooses the same subject as that of his graduation, the preparation for Optional becomes much more easier. However, it is to be kept in mind that you have to choose graduation subject only if it evokes interest in you. An added advantage of focusing more on Optional is that you will go through the previous year question papers. This exercise, apart from giving you the idea about the type of questions, will enable you to answer at least 45%-60% of the questions because the questions will be asked from these previous papers itself, albeit in a slightly different form.

In many of the cases, before joining the IAS coaching institute, students ask the question which optional paper he/she needs to take up. It is very difficult for the counsellor to decide the optional paper on the student’s behalf. Therefore, this article here would help you to discard the optional dilemma to a great extent. When we enquire the students as to which optional paper they are willing to take and on what basis, We come to know that they choose Optional papers on the basis of parameters like the Optional paper of previous year’s toppers, Optional that is more scoring, that optional which shares more syllabus with GS papers, Optional taken by their friends etc., However, the best parameters are none of the above mentioned. Your choosing must completely rely on availability of study material, graduation subject, and most importantly interest in the subject should be the deciding factor.

The fee for any optional subject you choose will be INR 30,000
For registration: Visit https://www.legacyias.com/registration/

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