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About The Tungnath Temple

Context: The central government recently issued a notification declaring the ancient temple of Tungnath as a monument of national importance. Relevance: GS I: Culture Dimensions of the Article: Tungnath Temple – Location and Significance: Architecture and Surroundings: About Panch Kedars: -Source: Indian Express

About Territorial Army

Context: Raksha Mantri recently approved posting of Women Officers of the Territorial Army along the Line of Control. Relevance: GS II: Security Challenges About Territorial Army Role: Eligibility: Operations: -Source: The Hindu

Regulations To Curtail Misleading Food Ads

Context: Recently, the Advertisement Monitoring Committee at the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) flagged 32 fresh cases of food business operators (FBOs) making misleading claims and advertisements. Relevance: GS II: Government policies and Interventions Dimensions of the Article: Regulations to Combat Misleading Advertisements and Claims Types of Regulations: Advertising Codes: Truthful and […]

About Arab League

Context: Recently, the Arab League has re-admitted Syria into the organization, after a suspension over a decade. Relevance: GS II: International Relations Dimensions of the Article: Suspension of Syria from the Arab League Readmission of Syria to the Arab League Arab League: Objective: -Source: Indian Express

Government Programme for NCD Renamed

Context: The existing National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke (NPCDCS) programme has been renamed National Programme for Prevention & Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (NP-NCD). Relevance: GS II: Government policies and Interventions Dimensions of the Article: Details: About NPCDCS/NP-NCD National Health Mission NHM was launched by the government of India in 2013, which subsumed […]

Floods Triggered By Atmospheric Rivers

Context Relevance: GS Paper-3: Climate Change, Global Warming, Atmospheric river and its effects; Disaster Management; Floods Mains Question The Atmospheric River AR is what? Discuss the effects of the atmospheric river on the climate globally as well. (150 Words) Important Findings: Key Findings: Atmospheric river Way forward: Conclusion: Understanding the role of ARs in the current […]

Smart Electricity for India

Context Relevance: GS Paper-2: Government Policies and Interventions for Development in various sectors and Issues arising out of their Design and Implementation Mains Question Describe the advantages and difficulties of India’s smart metering initiative. What actions can the government, power distribution companies, and technology providers take to address these issues and make the initiative successful? Benefits […]

National Center for Good Governance (NCGG)

Focus: GS II: Government Policies and Interventions Why in News? The National Centre for Good Governance (NCGG) recently completed its flagship capacity building programme (CBP) for the 58th batch of civil servants of Bangladesh. National Center for Good Governance (NCGG): Establishment and Background Mandate and Functioning

River-Cities Alliance (RCA) Global Seminar

Focus: GS II: Government Policies and Interventions Why in News? National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) in association with the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) organized the ‘River-Cities Alliance (RCA) Global Seminar: Partnership for Building International River-Sensitive Cities’. About River-Cities Alliance Objective: About National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) The NMCG now has the status of an Authority and […]