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Sea is an important Component of the Cosmos Discuss in the light of the above statement the role of the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) in protecting environment and enhancing maritime safety and security.

The vastness of the seas and oceans makes up nearly 71% of the Earth’s surface, making them a critical component of the cosmos. This vast expanse serves not only as the primary means for global trade and connectivity but also plays a pivotal role in regulating the Earth’s climate, housing vast biodiversity, and acting as […]

The expansion and strengthening of NATO and a stronger US-Europe strategic partnership works well for India. What is your opinion about this statement ? Give reasons and examples to support your answer.

The dynamics of a fortified NATO and an intensified US-Europe strategic partnership in the global geopolitical context can have multifaceted implications for India. With an evolving power structure on the global stage, India’s strategic interests might find both convergences and challenges in such a strengthened alliance. Delving deeper, we can explore the potential advantages and […]

Explain the structure of the Parliamentary Committee system. How far have the financial committees helped in the institutionalisation of Indian Parliament ?

1. Types of Committees: 2. Examples of Key Committees: How Financial Committees have helped in the Institutionalization of the Indian Parliament: 1. Strengthening Oversight: Financial committees, especially the PAC, play a crucial role in ensuring the executive’s accountability to the Parliament, particularly concerning financial propriety and utilization of funds. 2. Expert Analysis: Through these committees, […]

Skill development programmes have succeeded in increasing human resources supply to various sectors. In the context of the statement analyse the linkages between education, skill and employment.

1. Foundation of Knowledge: 2. Employability: 3. Evolution of Job Market: 4. Economic Productivity and Growth: 5. Addressing Mismatch: Examples and Facts: Conclusion: Skill development programs play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between formal education and employment opportunities. In an era of rapid technological change and evolving industry demands, the synergies between education, […]

Development and welfare schemes for the vulnerable, by its nature, are discriminatory in approach.” Do you agree ? Give reasons for your answer.

The statement “Development and welfare schemes for the vulnerable, by its nature, are discriminatory in approach” can be interpreted in various ways. In essence, welfare schemes for the vulnerable are inherently ‘discriminatory’ because they aim to cater specifically to certain segments of the population that are deemed to need more attention and resources. But the […]

Explain the significance of the 101st Constitutional Amendment Act. To what extent does it reflect the accommodative spirit of federalism?

The 101st Constitutional Amendment Act, passed in 2016, introduced the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India, effectively overhauling the indirect tax system of the country. It represented a landmark shift in the federal tax structure, aiming to unify India into a single market. Significance of the 101st Constitutional Amendment Act: Accommodative Spirit of Federalism […]

Discuss the contribution of civil society groups for women’s effective and meaningful participation and representation in state legislatures in India.

Civil society groups have been pivotal in championing the cause of women’s rights and their representation in the legislative arenas in India. Their relentless advocacy, campaigns, and interventions have created a conducive environment for the increase in women’s political participation over the years. Major Contributions: Conclusion: The contribution of civil society groups in enhancing women’s […]

The Constitution of India is a living instrument with capabilities of enormous dynamism. It is a constitution made for a progressive society. Illustrate with special reference to the expanding horizons of the right to life and personal liberty.

The Indian Constitution, often described as a “living document,” has shown adaptability and resilience to evolving societal norms and values. The dynamism of the Constitution is particularly evident in the way the scope of the right to life and personal liberty, enshrined under Article 21, has been expanded by judicial interpretations. Expanding Horizons of Article […]