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In the context of work environment, differentiate between ‘coercion’ and ‘undue influence’ with suitable examples

Coercion vs. Undue Influence in a Work Environment Coercion: Definition: Coercion involves the direct use of force or threat, either physical, mental, or emotional, to make someone do something against their will. Example: A manager threatening an employee with immediate termination unless they work overtime without pay. Undue Influence: Definition: Undue influence refers to a […]

Corruption is the manifestation of the failure of core values in the society.” In your opinion, what measures can be adopted to uplift the core values in the society?

Corruption and Core Values: An Indian Perspective Indeed, corruption is often a reflection of eroded core values within society. In India, despite significant socio-economic advancements, corruption remains a challenge. This could be linked to the diminished emphasis on core values in personal, professional, and public lives. Measures to Uplift Core Values: In conclusion, while policy […]

‘International aid’ is an accepted form of helping ‘resource-challenged’ nations. Comment on ‘ethics in contemporary international aid’.  Support your answer with suitable examples.

Ethics in Contemporary International Aid: International aid, while crucial for many ‘resource-challenged’ nations, has also raised ethical questions regarding its delivery, intent, and impact. In conclusion, while international aid is a powerful tool for positive change, it’s imperative to approach it with ethical rigor, ensuring it’s transparent, accountable, and respectful of the local contexts and […]

What do you understand by ‘moral integrity’ and ‘professional efficiency in the context of corporate governance in India ? Illustrate with suitable examples.

Moral Integrity and Professional Efficiency in Corporate Governance in India: 1. Moral Integrity: Moral integrity refers to the adherence to ethical principles and values, and making decisions based on what’s right and just rather than personal gain. In the corporate world, this means being transparent, honest, and accountable to stakeholders. Example: Infosys, one of India’s […]

Current Affairs 20 September 2023

CONTENTS 128th Constitutional Amendment Bill 2023 Context: In a significant development in Indian politics, the Government of India introduced the 128th Constitutional Amendment Bill 2023 during a special session of Parliament. The bill proposes to reserve 33% of seats for women in the Lok Sabha and all state Legislative Assemblies and extends the quota to […]

PIB Summaries 20 September 2023

CONTENTS Samudra Prahari Context: The Indian Coast Guard Ship Samudra Prahari, a Pollution Control Vessel, has commenced an overseas deployment to ASEAN countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, from September 11 to October 14, 2023, as part of an initiative announced during the ASEAN Defence Minister Meeting Plus meeting in November 2022. Relevance: GS III: […]

Editorials/Opinions Analysis For UPSC 20 September 2023

Contents: Stree Shakti Context: In a momentous development during the Special Session’s relocation to the new Parliament House, the government presented a significant proposal in the Lok Sabha. This proposal aims to allocate one-third of the seats in the Lower House and the Assemblies for women, marking a historic step towards women’s reservation. Relevance: GS […]