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Corruption is the manifestation of the failure of core values in the society.” In your opinion, what measures can be adopted to uplift the core values in the society?

Corruption and Core Values: An Indian Perspective

Indeed, corruption is often a reflection of eroded core values within society. In India, despite significant socio-economic advancements, corruption remains a challenge. This could be linked to the diminished emphasis on core values in personal, professional, and public lives.

Measures to Uplift Core Values:

  1. Education and Awareness: Incorporate value education and ethical training in the school curriculum. Example: The CBSE board introduced a subject called ‘Value Education’ to instill moral values in students.
  2. Transparent Governance: Adopt e-governance, RTI, and citizen charters to minimize discretionary powers and ensure transparency. Example: The Indian government’s push for Digital India to ensure services are made available to citizens electronically.
  3. Community Participation: Engage local communities in decision-making processes to foster collective responsibility. Example: Gram Sabhas in village panchayats promote participatory governance.
  4. Strict Legal Measures: Strengthen anti-corruption laws and ensure timely justice delivery. Example: The Lokpal and Lokayukta Act, 2013, intends to address corruption in public offices.
  5. Role Models: Promote individuals with impeccable integrity as role models. Example: The life and principles of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi serve as enduring reminders of the importance of ethics.
  6. Media and Civil Society: Encourage them to highlight positive stories and expose corrupt practices. Example: Indian media’s role in highlighting scams, thereby creating public awareness.
  7. Public Awareness Campaigns: Organize campaigns emphasizing the importance of ethical behavior and the perils of corruption. Example: Anti-corruption drives and advertisements urging citizens to refrain from bribing.

In conclusion, while policy and institutional measures are crucial, the upliftment of core values in Indian society fundamentally relies on collective introspection, value-centric education, and public awareness, creating an environment where ethics prevail over expedience

May 2024