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Population and Associated Issues- Population composition

Age Composition The population of a nation is generally grouped into three broad categories: Children (generally below 15 years): They are economically unproductive and need to be provided with food, clothing, education and medical care. Working Age (15-59 years): They are economically productive and biologically reproductive. They comprise the working population. Aged (Above 59 years): […]

Population and Associated Issues- Demographic Transition

Theory of Demographic Transition The demographic transition theory is a generalized description of the changing pattern of mortality, fertility and growth rates as societies move from one demographic regime to another. The theory suggests that population growth is linked to overall levels of economic development and that every society follows a typical pattern of development-related […]


Migration Migration is the third component of population change, the other two being mortality and fertility. However, migration is different from the other two processes, namely, mortality and fertility in the sense that it is not a biological factor While mortality and fertility are influenced by social, cultural and economic factors, migration is influenced by […]

Population and associated issues

Introduction Indian population may overtake the population of China within the next couple of decades, eventually making India the most populous nation of the world. It is in this way the population is quite often seen as a liability, a major hindrance to development and quality of life of the people. Such a large population […]

Salient features of indian society

Intro and characteristics Indian society is an exemplification of multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-ideological constructs, which co-exist, at once striving to strike harmony and also to retain its individuality. Characteristics of Indian Society • Multi-ethnic society • Multilingual society • Multi-class society • Patriarchal society • Unity in diversity • Co-existence of traditionalism and modernity– Traditionalism […]