Adversity, according to Lincoln, was not a true barometer for determining a man’s character. He believes that a person’s inner character is exposed more via their use of power than through their reaction to hardship.

As a result, hardship provides fewer possibilities. The most essential requirement when confronted with adversity is survival. Those in positions of authority, on the other hand, have more options and influence over their circumstances. The opportunity to pick among the
numerous options comes with the various options.
People in positions of leadership have the ability to make decisions that people without authority
cannot, and with the ability to choose comes the ability to select correctly or incorrectly. Such
power shows the personality of the person who wields it. This is why powerful people
throughout history have had such a significant impact on the world. For example, during
colonialism, third-world countries fought back against colonial powers. However, once they
gained independence, their leaders quickly reverted to dictatorship. The only exception is India,
which still fights with the same zeal and ideals as it did before independence.
People in positions of power are frequently used for ill or self-serving ends. They utilise their
position of power to forward their own agenda and achieve their own selfish goals. They are
unconcerned with the implied trust that comes with their position of authority. As a result, they
use it in ways that are harmful to others rather than beneficial.
Their power, once again, reveals their actual character. Hardship never changes you in the
manner that adversity does. Our character remains hidden if we do not have the ability to choose.
Our character is revealed when we have the ability to choose.
This argument has important lessons for those who are responsible to the people in today’s
society. People are given authority and power so that they can help those in need. As a result, it
can be said with certainty that, depending on one’s nature, power can make one Muammar
Gaddafi or Nelson Mandela

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