Structure of the Essay:


You can start the introduction through following ways:

  • Start with a general introduction/anecdote/an example/a short story/a poem/a quote/a recent event or trend etc which can help in describing the need for self-reliance.
  • Write a historical perspective with previous examples of National Educational Policies since the British colonial era.

Thesis Statement:

  • It is a transition statement between introduction and body of the essay.
  • In thesis statement, you should write outline of the body with your own arguments. You should prove these arguments in body of the essay with relevant examples.

Body of the essay:

  • Need for a new National Education Policy.
    • Mention shortcomings of the old policy
    • Changing times and the need for innovation.
    • Changes in job profile: machine learning, AI, etc.
  • With the continuity from the previous point, write about the National Education Policy 2020.
    • Write the foundational basis of the policy by linking it with ancient India.
    • Write about the provisions of National Education Policy 2020.
    • Describe the significance of these provisions.
    • Mention various challenges in their implementation.
  • Significance of National Education Policy 2020 as a whole.
    • Keeping pace with new and emerging technology.
    • Importance of early childhood care.
    • Imparting practical and Vocational Education.
    • Higher Education and its regulation
    • Preparing an ecosystem of innovation.
    • Preparing leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
  • Challenges of National Education Policy 2020 as a whole.
    • Mention economic challenges like – lack of funding, the role of private and foreign investment, the role of states in funding etc.
    • Mention political challenges like – issues of Federalism (Coordination and Cooperation among states)
    • Discuss social challenges like – Issues of SC/STs and Minorities, Issue of language, the problem of religious education etc.
    • Discuss challenges in promoting education which enhances the employability.
    • Mention other implementational challenges:
      • Challenges involved in Monitoring, evaluation etc.


  • Conclude with the positive and futuristic perspective regarding the National Education Policy 2020 and its importance.
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