In general, attitude refers to how a person reacts to his or her surroundings, whether positively or adversely. A person’s attitude might be influenced by their work environment. An attitude is a tendency that is relatively stable. It has a significant impact on a person’s growth.

Attitudes give life significance (knowledge). The knowledge function relates to our desire for a world that is predictable and stable. This offers us a sense of control by allowing us to foresee what is going to happen. Attitudes can aid in the organisation and structuring of our experiences.

Public employees are the government’s representatives. A good attitude is regarded as one of the most important characteristics of a public servant. Ways to develop a proper mindset for a public servant include:

Organization and Negotiation Skills:

  • In any public-sector job, you’ll be expected to manage many projects with varied degrees of priority, as well as multiple stakeholders and personalities.
  • As part of his or her job, a person may be required to persuade others or negotiate with other departments.

Creativity and Flexible Thinking:

  • This sector necessitates the capacity to adapt to change and think creatively about difficulties.


  • In both the civil service and public affairs, learning how to be a great leader – influencing and encouraging others around him/her – would be beneficial.
  • Ability to Make Tough Decisions Under Duress: One would be forced to make difficult decisions under pressure. He or she would be someone who isn’t afraid to come up with solutions, no matter how challenging they are.

Working Skills:

  • You’ll be collaborating with a variety of folks who have varied skills and attributes. He or she would need to know how to motivate and collaborate with them.

Capacity to Work Alone:

  • Part of one’s job entails independent thinking and the ability to come up with ideas on one’s own. He or she would be someone who can stay focused in these situations.


To maintain peace and order in a varied society like India, where social and religious tensions and conflicts are common, a civil servant would need not only a tolerant mindset, but also leadership and persuasion skills.

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