1. Introduction
  • Definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI)
  • The ethical paradigm surrounding AI and its role alongside HI
  • Significance of the discussion in contemporary society
  1. Historical Perspective of AI and Human Intelligence
  • Exploration of the origins and progress of AI
  • Evolution of human intelligence: from survival instincts to complex cognitive functions
  • Case Study: India’s AI strategy from 2018 onward and its impact on its technological landscape
  • Case Study: The Renaissance period – a milestone in human intelligence and creativity

III. The Spectrum of AI Applications and their Ethical Implications

  • AI in healthcare: Advancements and debates
    • Example: AI in radiology in the U.S
  • AI in law enforcement: Potential and controversies
    • Example: Predictive policing in India
  • AI in climate modeling: Opportunities and challenges
    • Example: AI-based climate models in Europe
  1. Supremacy of AI: A Rational or Fear-Driven Perspective?
  • Understanding the fear of AI supremacy: A look at popular culture and media
  • Comparative analysis of AI and HI: Speed, accuracy, and bias
  • Ethical dilemmas: The question of control, accountability, and autonomy
  1. The Enduring Significance of Human Intelligence
  • Exploring Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Social Intelligence (SI)
  • The role of HI in leadership, innovation, and ethical decision-making
  • Cultural context: The importance of HI in preserving and understanding cultural nuances
    • Example: The role of human intelligence in interpreting Indian classical music
  1. Collaboration: AI and HI as Partners, Not Adversaries
  • The concept of Augmented Intelligence: enhancing human capabilities
    • Example: Use of AI in enhancing education in Finland
  • The need for symbiosis: Balancing automation with human touch
    • Example: Indian banks incorporating AI while maintaining human customer service
  • Ethics of symbiosis: Promoting inclusivity, accessibility, and fairness

VII. Navigating the Future: Policy, Ethics, and Education

  • The role of policy in shaping the AI-HI relationship
    • Example: European Union’s regulations on AI
  • Ethical considerations for the future: From data privacy to digital divide
  • The importance of AI literacy in harnessing its potential
    • Example: AI education initiatives in India

VIII. Conclusion

  • Synthesis of the discussion: Revisiting the supremacy vs. complement debate
  • Ethical reflections: The responsibility of shaping an AI-inclusive future
  • The road ahead: Embracing change while honoring the essence of human intelligence


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