Structure of the Essay:


You can start the introduction through following ways:

  • Start with a general introduction/anecdote/an example/a short story/a poem/ etc. about good selfless Leadership and bad self-servicing leadership.
    • Define Leadership and give various perspectives.
    • Give traits of a good leader.
    • Mention about Selflessness, Integrity, team building, empathy, motivator, etc.

Thesis Statement:

  • It is a transition statement between introduction and body of the essay.
  • In thesis statement, you should write outline of the body with your own arguments. You should prove these arguments in body of the essay with relevant examples.

Body of the essay:

  • Explain why leadership can become an avenue for self-service.
    • The desire for money, power and authority.
    • Comparatively lower accountability
    • Explain with examples.
  • Explain how leadership can become an avenue for self-service.
    • Misuse of power
    • Corruption
    • Nepotism
    • Favoritism
    • Authoritarianism etc.
  • Importance and benefits of being selfless while in a leadership position
    • Goal Attainment.
    • Team Management and Dedication.
    • Motivation and Focus.
    • Dispute Redressal.
    • One can elaborate on examples of Good Leaders like M S Dhoni, Mahatma Gandhi, etc.
    • Also one can mention examples of Bad Leaders like – Hitler, Mussolini, Corrupt politicians etc.
  • Leadership as a platform to render service to people.
    • Elaborate on Individual good Vs Social good.
    • Discuss how leadership is an opportunity with authority and resources to do good for others.
    • A selfless leader can lead by example which can inspire others to act selflessly.
    • Elaborate Ethical and Moral perspective on service to people.
  • Discuss how civil services can be used for selfless leadership which promotes service to people.
  • Discuss various challenges in acting as a Leader rendering service to people.
  • Mention ways to produce selfless leaders.
    • Moral education and awareness.
    • Legal provisions providing suitable checks and balances.
    • Incentives for a selfless leader.
    • Punishments for selfish leaders.
    • Socio-religious values, etc.


  • Conclude by summarizing the entire essay in a paragraph with a positive perspective about leadership as a platform to render service to others.
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