The ‘Waste to Wealth Mission’ spearheaded by the Prime Minister’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC) is a transformative initiative aimed at harnessing scientific advancements to address waste management challenges in India.


Mission Objectives:

Identify, develop, and deploy technologies for waste treatment to generate energy, recycle materials, and extract valuable resources.
Support the creation of a cleaner and greener environment through the development of innovative technologies.

Key Mission Objectives:

Boost the Swachh Bharat Mission and Smart Cities Project through the integration of science, technology, and innovation.
Create financially viable circular economic models for waste management.
Streamline waste handling processes across the country.

Integration with Existing Initiatives:

Augments Swachh Bharat and Smart Cities projects by leveraging technology for the development of circular economic models in waste management.

Aligns with the objectives of existing schemes such as “GOBAR-Dhan,” which aims to make villages clean, generate wealth, and produce energy from organic waste.

Specific Initiatives:

GOBAR-Dhan Initiative:

Objectives include making villages clean, generating wealth, and producing energy from organic waste.

Aligns with the broader Waste to Wealth Mission goals.

Houseboat Sewage Management:

Addresses untreated sewage from houseboats in Dal Lake by piloting decentralized sewage treatment technology.

Decentralized Solid and Liquid Waste Management:

Collaborates with Municipal Corporation Faridabad to deploy technologies addressing Faridabad’s significant waste challenges.

Swachhta Saarthi Fellowship:

Empowers young innovators engaged in community waste management, awareness campaigns, waste surveys, and studies.

Inclusive Impact:

According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, approximately 4 lakh women are directly involved in sanitation and waste management in cities.

Highlights the inclusive nature of the Waste to Wealth mission in empowering diverse stakeholders.


The Waste to Wealth mission emerges as a pivotal platform uniting technology providers, government stakeholders, urban local bodies, and users in the pursuit of effective waste management solutions. It not only aligns with existing schemes but also contributes to empowering communities, ultimately fostering a cleaner and greener environment in India.

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