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Structure of the Essay:


You can start the introduction through following ways:

  • Start with a general introduction/anecdote/an example/a short story/a poem/a quote/a recent event or trend etc which can help in describing the need for self-reliance.
  • With continuity from the previous point, write about new developments in technology (e.g. AI, Big Data, IoT etc.) and the 4th Industrial revolution.

Thesis Statement:

  • It is a transition statement between introduction and body of the essay.
  • In thesis statement, you should write outline of the body with your own arguments. You should prove these arguments in body of the essay with relevant examples.

Body of the essay:

  • Write about the issues surrounding the 4th Industrial revolution.
    • Data Dependency.
    • Data Privacy.
    • AI Vs Human Labor.
    • Socio-economic Cost.
  • Define the 5th Industrial Revolution and explain the need for the 5th Industrial Revolution.
    • Write how the focus has moved away from human beings in the above-mentioned issues.
    • Try to connect the above issues with Human Beings and their survival (privacy, livelihood, ethics and Values).
  • Mention about the 5th Industrial Revolution in brief with the continuity from previous points.
    • Describe how it brings back the focus of technological development to Human Beings, in terms of employment generation, data privacy and promoting human values etc.
  • Try to quote some recent developments in this direction by giving examples of studies quotes by people, scientific or technological developments, etc.
  • Write about the significance of the 5th Industrial revolution.
    • Quote examples to make arguments in favour of 5th industrial revolution or in against the current developments in 4th industrial revolution.
  • Bring out challenges that will be faced in the development of and implementation of the 5th Industrial Revolution.
    • Economic challenges
    • Social challenges
    • Ethical challenges
    • Technological challenges
    • International, Diplomatic and Political challenges.


  • Conclude with the optimistic and futuristic perspective about the 5th Industrial revolution. You can also give certain suggestions to overcome challenges that are likely to be faced