The diplomatic ties between India and South Korea have flourished over the years, driven by shared interests, mutual goodwill, and high-level engagements.

India’s historical contribution to Korea’s post-independence period, notably through Mr. K P S Menon’s pivotal role in the UN Commission in 1947, laid the foundation for bilateral cooperation. Consular relations were formalized in 1962 and upgraded to the ambassadorial level in 1973.


Recent Developments:

Substantial progress was achieved during the two-day visit of South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin, reinforcing the special strategic partnership between India and South Korea.

South Korea’s commitment to sharing technology related to submarines and missile systems underscores the deepening defense cooperation between the two nations.

Emphasizing defense collaboration, both nations expressed a shared commitment, citing the example of the K9 Vajra, a cutting-edge 52-caliber tracked self-propelled howitzer designed by a South Korean company.

A significant financial commitment was made, with South Korea providing a USD 4 billion line of credit to India over the next three years for high-value projects.

India’s initiative to grant scholarships and fellowships to Korean nationals, covering various programs and disciplines, reflects the diverse avenues of collaboration, including research and non-formal education.

Air connectivity has been greatly enhanced through direct flights operated by Air India and Korean Air, facilitating smoother interactions and exchanges between the two nations.


The upcoming meeting marks a milestone as the two nations celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, highlighting the enduring strength of the Indo-Korean partnership.

India, Japan, and South Korea, united by a global vision of peace and shared prosperity, underscore their commitment to sustainable development, democratic values, human rights, pluralism, an open society, and the rule of law.

As India plays a pivotal role in the Indo-Pacific region and strengthens alliances such as the QUAD, it emerges as a formidable force, contributing to regional stability and prosperity. The collaborative efforts between India and South Korea stand as a testament to the evolving dynamics in the Asian geopolitical landscape.

Legacy Editor Changed status to publish December 16, 2023