Why this question?

There is a subset of quasi-judicial agencies that are not discussed in discussions about the status of cases. These are typically handled by revenue authorities and mostly concern land, tenancy, excise, arms, mining, or preventive functions under the Criminal Procedure Code.

The question’s main demand:


To write about quasi-judicial bodies, their functioning issues, and the reforms that are required.

Directive phrase:

Critically examine – When asked to ‘Examine,’ we must thoroughly investigate the topic (content words), inspect it, investigate it, and identify the key facts and issues related to the topic in question. While doing so, we should explain why these facts and issues are significant and what they mean. When the suffix or prefix ‘critically’ is prefixed or suffixed to a directive, one must consider both the positive and negative aspects of the topic and make an informed decision.


Begin by writing a about India’s quasi-judicial bodies.


First, write about the need for quasi-judicial bodies in India, as well as their main functions.

Next, discuss the problems with the functioning of quasi-judicial bodies in India – understaffing. Their involvement in responsibilities such as law and order, protocol, coordination, and other administrative functions leaves them with far less time for court work. They have limited access to court clerks and record keepers. Several of the presiding officers lack proper knowledge of the law and procedures, among other things.

Next, describe the reforms required to address the aforementioned performance issues.

Conclusion: Write a plan for the future.

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