I2U2 Cooperation for Development
I2U2, a novel non-security cooperation mechanism, brings together four nations – India, Israel, USA, and UAE – to collaborate on development issues. The focus areas encompass health, water, transportation, food security, space, and energy.

Transformative Impacts of I2U2

Geo-Political Context:

  • Normalization of Arab-Israel Ties: The mediation of the US in the Abraham Accords has led to the historic normalization of relations between Arab countries and Israel.
  • Ukraine Crisis and Food Security Challenges: The Ukraine crisis has underscored the significance of food security amidst rising oil prices.
  • Growing Chinese Influence in West Asia: China’s expanding influence in the West Asian region has prompted a need for countervailing strategies.
  • Russia-China-Iran Axis: The alignment of Russia, China, and Iran has brought about geopolitical realignments in the region.
  • UAE’s Shift to Post-Hydrocarbon Economy: UAE’s emphasis on transitioning to a post-hydrocarbon economy has geopolitical and economic implications.

I2U2’s Transformation of India’s Geo-Political Position:

  • Recognition of India’s Regional Importance: The USA and West Asian nations acknowledge India’s role in addressing regional challenges.
  • Multilateral Engagement through Minilaterals: I2U2 underscores India’s participation in minilaterals like the QUAD, showcasing its multilateral approach.
  • Leveraging Diverse Capabilities: I2U2 leverages the unique capabilities, knowledge, and experiences of all four member nations.
  • Alignment with Countering Chinese Penetration: I2U2’s strategic focus aligns with India’s aim to counterbalance Chinese influence in West Asia.
  • Enhancement of Bilateral Relations: Strengthened partnerships with Israel, UAE, and the USA enhance India’s bilateral relationships.
  • Balancing Engagement amidst Geo-Political Complexities: India engages in areas of mutual interest without allowing geopolitical complexities to overshadow cooperation.
  • Addressing Energy Politics and Climate Change: Collaboration addresses energy challenges and climate change through low-carbon development and renewable energy projects.


  • Boosting Agri-Exports through Infrastructure: Development of food processing infrastructure in India enhances agricultural exports.
  • Economic Gains for India: Enhanced commodity exports and increased farmer income are expected outcomes.
  • Extending Expertise to Manufacturing Sector: Future potential lies in extending expertise to manufacturing via logistics and infrastructure development.
  • Empowering Start-Up Ecosystem: I2U2’s hubs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai empower India’s start-up ecosystem through technology and financing support.

I2U2’s Expanding Approach
From a mere energy interest-oriented approach to the West, India’s approach has evolved into one that involves both thinking and acting in the West. The institutionalization of I2U2 reflects this expanded approach, poised to yield transformative outcomes across geo-political and geo-economic dimensions.

Legacy Editor Changed status to publish June 25, 2024