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Essay Mentorship Program 2023

Are you aiming to score 135+ Marks in essay paper?

Kickstart Your Journey from 1st June, 2023

Welcome to our exclusive Essay Mentorship Program 2023. This comprehensive program is meticulously designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in essay writing for the UPSC examination.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understanding & Structuring Essays: Master the art of understanding the core of an essay topic, brainstorming ideas, and structuring your thoughts coherently.
  • Approaching Philosophical Essays: Gain insights into tackling philosophical essays, a key focus area of the UPSC since 2018.
  • Interpreting Essay Topics: Develop a keen understanding of interpreting essay topics to align your writing with the examiner’s expectations.

Broad Themes Covered:

Our research has identified 8 broad themes of essays asked since 2010. The program will provide in-depth coverage of these themes:

  • Social Issues: Including women’s issues, social movements, class, caste, youth, and geriatric issues.
  • Economy
  • Political System and Governance
  • Human Development: Health, education, and employment.
  • Science & Technology: IT/ITeS, AI.
  • Ethical, Abstract or Philosophical
  • International Relations
  • Miscellaneous

Innovative Review Methodology:

Our unique review methodology includes highlighting specific portions of your essay to indicate issues and areas of improvement:

  • Fundamental Flaws: Identifying judgments or strong postures that need to be avoided.
  • Appreciation for Uniqueness: Highlighting unique and well-articulated points in your essay.
  • Structure and Language: Pointing out issues with the structure, language, and expression.
  • General Suggestions: Providing general suggestions for improvement.

Our experienced mentors, including Pavan & Sagar sir, will also provide specific reviews on your strengths and weaknesses.

Evaluation Parameters:

Your essays will be evaluated on 10 parameters to provide comprehensive feedback:

  • Comprehension of the essay topic
  • Language and expression
  • Structure and organization of thought
  • Objectivity and biases
  • Attitude: learner or judgmental
  • Focus and attention
  • Content, knowledge, and information processing capability
  • Ability to forge links in an interdisciplinary manner
  • Simplicity of disposition
  • Observational skills

Limited Seats:

We believe in quality over quantity. Hence, we have limited the program to just 30 seats to ensure personalized attention and guidance to each participant.

Enroll Now

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your essay writing skills and boost your UPSC preparation. Secure your spot today in our Essay Mentorship Program 2023 starting from 1st June.

Fee Structure for Essay course

 The Total Fee amount for the Essay Course is Rs. 10,000. The course includes:


  • 4 Orientation Sessions
  • 8 Essay Tests
  • Personalized one-to-one feedback by Mr. Sagar B A and Mr. Pavan Kant
  • Comprehensive Discussion sessions
  • Value-added material etc.

FAQs - Essay Writing for UPSC Exam

As a part of the Essay Guidance Programme you be benefitted from:

  • 4 Orientation Sessions in Offline + Live-and-Interactive Online modes
  • 8 Essay Tests conducted in both Offline and Online modes
  • Personalized one-to-one feedback by Mr. Sagar B A and Mr. Pavan Kant
  • Comprehensive Discussion sessions to clarify doubts regarding Essay paper
  • Value-added material for supplementing the requisite knowledge base for Essay-writing
  • Post-test analysis of each topic with Knowledge-transfer sessions with expert faculties
  • Extensive Coverage of 45 most important and probable topics for Mains
  • Time-bound evaluation of Essay papers by the expert faculty themselves
  • 360 degree coverage of Essay writing for the entire range of topics on:
    • Social issues
    • Philosophical topics
    • Women and Children related issues
    • Environmental issues
    • Science & Technology related issues
    • Economic issues and concepts
    • International & Geopolitical developments
    • Ethical issues.

Along with these, from your end you can:

  • Practice (A LOT) while paying attention to the feedbacks provided to improve your Essay-writing skills
  • Even with the best of content, without proper structure your essay will look clumsy – so you should work on structuring your Essay with the help of our mentors
  • In advance, you can prepare a quotes, statistics, case studies, examples etc., since most of the topics seems to revolve around similar subjects such as Social issues, Philosophical topics, Women and Children related issues, Environmental issues etc.
  • Work on covering all the major perspectives and approaches to a topic like social, economic, political, cultural, legal, international etc.
  • Develop a positive and neutral mindset to give a positive conclusion/solution and avoid controversial ideas naturally.

The most appropriate time to take up the Essay course would be around the months of August/September (Before the Prelims exam) or July (After the Prelims exam).


It is important to to focus on the Essay paper early on because it is actually quite possible to score more than 150 marks in the essay paper, whereas, usually candidates struggle to score more than 100 marks in the General Studies papers even after spending the maximum amount of time on preparation for the GS subjects.

You can look into Legacy IAS Academy’s Foundation Course – Legacy IAS Academy’s flagship programme which provides a comprehensive physical classroom + online platform to holistically foster aspirants through all three primary stages of the UPSC Civil Services Exam, viz., Preliminary exam, Main exam, and the Interview.


In case you are opting for Optional Subjects such as Mathematics, Management, Science subjects such as Physics, Zoology etc., Engineering subjects, Literature subjects etc., are not available at the institute – you can take up the Prelims-cum-Mains Course.

Upcoming Batches for Prelims cum Mains course Legacy IAS Academy


If you are NOT taking up either the Foundation Course or the Prelims-cum-Mains course, then you can take up –

Prelims Course for UPSC 2022 –  conducted from February 2022 and extend till the end of May 2022 and designed to focus completely on getting the students past the first stage of the exam.

Optional Subject Programme (OSP) – under which the Optional Subject will be covered in 3 hour classes held on Saturdays and Sundays during the 5 months from September 2022 to February 2023 including 5 Full-length Tests along with Daily Answer writing practice.


You can also enroll for the YAGA UPSC CSE MAIN TEST SERIES 2022

S.NONature of TestsNumber of Tests
2Full Length8
Total Tests21
Mains Test Series PriceINR 13,000