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About The Vajra Mushti Kalaga

Context: Vajra mushti kalaga, a martial art form, has gone extinct and takes place only during Dasara Relevance: Facts for Prelims Vajra Mushti Kalaga: An Indian Martial Art -Source: The Hindu

Jamrani Dam Multipurpose Project

Context: Recently, the government of India approved the inclusion of the Jamrani Dam Multipurpose Project under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana-Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (PMKSY-AIBP). Relevance: GS II: Government policies and Interventions Dimensions of the Article: Jamrani Dam Multipurpose Project: Key Facts about Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY): Launched in the fiscal year […]

DNA and Face Matching Systems in Police Stations

Context: Over a year after Parliament passed the Criminal Procedure Identification Act (CrPI), 2022; the Centre is preparing to introduce ‘DNA and Face Matching’ systems in 1,300 police stations nationwide, despite the Act’s provisions not yet being fully implemented. Relevance: GS III: Science and Technology Dimensions of the Article: Context of ‘DNA and Face Matching Systems’ Under CrPI […]

About The Dengue

Context: Recently, Dengue cases have surged significantly in some states like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu. Relevance: GS II: Health Dimensions of the Article: Dengue: Symptoms of Dengue: Dengue Vaccine: Controlling Dengue Using Bacteria: -Source: The Hindu

Interconnected Disaster Risks Report 2023

Context: Recently, the release of the Interconnected Disaster Risks Report 2023 has thrust the world’s interdependence into the spotlight, warning of impending global tipping points and underlining the critical need for immediate action to prevent potential catastrophic consequences. Relevance: GS III: Disaster Management Dimensions of the Article: Major Findings of the Interconnected Disaster Risks Report 2023 About the Report Risk […]

NMC Guidelines Restrict New Medical Colleges in High-Density States

Context: Recently, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued guidelines putting a hold on new medical colleges and expansion of existing colleges in states with more than 100 medical education seats per million population. Relevance: GS II: Polity and Governance Dimensions of the Article: Medical College Distribution High-Density States: Severe Shortages in Some States: NMC’s Guideline Implementation Regulations Issued in August […]

One Nation One Student ID initiative

Context: Several state governments have made requests for schools to obtain parental consent regarding the introduction of a new student identity card. This new ID card, named the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR), is a component of the Union government’s ‘One nation, One Student ID’ initiative. Relevance: GS II: Government Policies and Interventions Dimensions […]

Moral Anchoring for a Global Climate Policy

Context: In the face of the climate crisis, it is imperative that we reassess our approach to development and reject anything that harms the environment. We have a profound connection with our planet, as the intricate web of life continues to unfold with each breath we take and every step we take on its soil. […]

Renewed Risks on the Economic Outlook for 2023-24

Context: On October 6, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) maintained its GDP growth projection for the year at 6.5%. This outlook was based on a balance of factors. While there were risks stemming from geopolitical tensions, economic fragmentation, volatile financial markets, and an uneven monsoon, these were offset by the strengthening domestic demand. Relevance: […]

About United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF)

Context: The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change is organising a Country-Led Initiative (CLI) event as part of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) from 26-28 October, 2023 at the Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Relevance: GS II: International Relations Dimensions of the Article: United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF): Country-Led Initiative […]