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About The Vajra Mushti Kalaga


Vajra mushti kalaga, a martial art form, has gone extinct and takes place only during Dasara


Facts for Prelims

Vajra Mushti Kalaga: An Indian Martial Art

  • Vajra Mushti Kalaga is a unique Indian martial art that combines various hand-to-hand combat techniques, including grappling, wrestling, and striking.
  • The term “Vajra Mushti” translates to “Thunderbolt Fist” and is distinctive for its use of a knuckleduster, a small metal weapon.
  • The knuckleduster, also known as Vajra Mushti, is typically crafted from animal horns and is worn on the fighter’s knuckles.
  • The primary objective of this Indian martial art is to neutralize the opponent and counter their weapon.
  • Unlike traditional grappling, Vajra Mushti Kalaga involves two fighters taking swings at each other’s heads using the knuckleduster.
  • The winner is determined by whoever draws blood from the opponent’s head first.
  • This form of wrestling gained popularity during the rule of the Vijayanagar dynasty, which reigned from the 14th to the 17th centuries.
  • The fights are genuine, and the fighters strive to draw blood from their opponent’s head, with a referee intervening upon the first sign of blood.
  • Medieval travelers from Portugal documented this form of wrestling during the Navaratri celebrations in the Vijayanagar empire and left detailed accounts of it.

-Source: The Hindu

December 2023