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About Kalanamak Rice


Kalanamak, a traditional variety of paddy is all set to get a new look and name.


GS III: Agriculture

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  1. Kalanamak Rice
  2. Health Benefits of Kalanamak Rice:

Kalanamak Rice

  • The people of Sravasti are said to have received Kalanamak rice, a paddy with a black husk and a potent smell, as a gift from Lord Buddha when he visited the area after attaining enlightenment.
  • It is grown in Nepal and in 11 districts of northeastern Uttar Pradesh’s Terai region.
  • The Geographical Indication (GI) label protects the traditional Kalanamak rice.
  • According to the GI application, Lord Buddha gave the Kalanamak paddy to the inhabitants of Sravasti so they might remember him by the scent of it.

Health Benefits of Kalanamak Rice:

  • Similar to anthocyanin, the antioxidant properties of Kala Namak rice help prevent cardiovascular disease and advance skincare.
  • Zinc and iron are among the many micronutrients found in kalanamak rice. Eating this rice is therefore thought to offer defence against diseases brought on by deficiencies in zinc and iron.
  • It has been suggested that regularly consuming Kalanamak rice can aid in Alzheimer’s disease prevention.
  • In addition to helping to control blood pressure, diabetes, and skin damage, kala Namak rice can also assist the body expand, rejuvenate, and energise.

-Source: The Hindu

December 2023