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30th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Reaping the whirlwind Historic recession The Paris Agreement is no panacea REAPING THE WHIRLWIND Context: The recently passed Agri.-reform Bills have created apprehensions among farmers that these legislations will ultimately lead to the dismantling of the MSP regime. Relevance: GS Paper 3: Farm subsidies and MSP and issues therein (direct and indirect); PDS (objectives, […]

28th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Tech tact Stepping out of the shadow of India’s malnutrition TECH TACT Context: India’s decision on Tuesday to block another 43 Chinese mobile applications hardly comes as a surprise. Relevance: GS Paper 3: Basics of Cyber Security; Role of media and social-networking sites in internal security challenges; Internal security challenges through communication networks. Mains […]

27th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Storm warnings Policing faith Putting trade ties on a new footing STORM WARNINGS Context: Cyclone Nivar raised fears of another epic disaster for millions of coastal residents in the south, but its passage overland near Puducherry early on November 26 was less destructive than anticipated.  Relevance: GS Paper 3: Disaster Management Mains Questions: How […]

26th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Jobs, exports and the trade pacts link Refining trade union strategies to strike a chord JOBS, EXPORTS AND THE TRADE PACTS LINK Context: India’s economy contracted by 23.9% in the first quarter of 2020-21. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the Indian economy will further contract by 10% in the July-September quarter. […]

25th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Dangerous suggestion The migrant worker as a ghost among citizens With land rights, but no land DANGEROUS SUGGESTION Context: Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan and ex-deputy governor Viral Acharya argued against allowing companies to own banks because it would allow non-financial businesses to gain easy access to financing and encourage connected lending and because […]

24th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Time to bridge the Gulf Politics must link climate action to economic and societal progress TIME TO BRIDGE THE GULF Context: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s visit to Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates this week is a good moment to reflect on the structural changes taking place in the Gulf and the region’s […]

23rd November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Pressure and punishment No Minister, the trade agreement pitch is flawed PRESSURE AND PUNISHMENT Context: The conviction of Hafiz Saeed, a UN-designated terrorist whom India and the U.S. blame for the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks that killed 166, by a Lahore anti-terrorism court on terror finance charges shows that Pakistan can be forced to […]

21st November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Digital Nation India’s no to RCEP could still be a no Analysis of the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan (Infrastructure) DIGITAL NATION Context: PM Modi hails Digital India as way of life, says ‘Technology First’ is Centre’s governance model. Relevance: GS Paper 2:  E-Governance (applications, models, successes, limitations, potential) Mains Questions E-Governance is not only […]

20th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Another bailout East Asia Summit signals India will pursue bilateral pacts with ASEAN countries Analysis of the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan (Agriculture) ANOTHER BAILOUT Context: RBI has imposed a moratorium on Lakshmi Vilas Bank and drafted a scheme for a merger. Relevance: GS Paper 3:  Indian Economy (issues re: planning, mobilisation of resources, growth, […]

19th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Writing on the water Reinventing cities Analysis of the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan (Human Development) WRITING ON THE WATER Context: A slew of bills on water awaits Parliament’s approval. Two of them, passed by the Lok Sabha, were listed for clearing by Rajya Sabha in the monsoon session — The Interstate River Water Disputes […]