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18th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents How has the Supreme Court interpreted Article 32 over the years? Agriculture and rural sector can jump-start economy if we fix its ills Analysis of the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan (Social Security) HOW HAS THE SUPREME COURT INTERPRETED ARTICLE 32 OVER THE YEARS? Context: On Monday, a Supreme Court Bench headed by Chief Justice […]

17th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Threat or Treat: on RCEP trade deal Needed, a policy framework in step with technology Analysis of the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan (MSMEs) THREAT OR TREAT: ON RCEP TRADE DEAL Context: The regional trade agreement has been signed by 15 countries, without India. A look at the factors leading to India opting out, how […]

16th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents A recipe to tear down trade unions Analysis of the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan A RECIPE TO TEAR DOWN TRADE UNIONS Context: The new labour laws are a brutal attack on workers’ ability to safeguard their rights Relevance: GS Paper 3: Indian Economy (issues re: planning, mobilisation of resources, growth, development, employment); Inclusive growth […]

13th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Can the right to work be made real in India? What is a technical recession? Analysis of the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan Can the right to work be made real in India? Context: As economies around the world struggle to recover from the double whammy of a pandemic and a lockdown, unemployment is soaring. […]

12th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents 10th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses Republic and its discontents Context: SC Allows Hate Speech Probe Against Arnab Goswami to Proceed, Stays Multiple FIRs. Relevance GS Paper 2: Historical underpinnings & evolution; Features, amendments, significant provisions, basic structure; Comparison of Indian constitutional scheme with other countries’ Mains questions What do you understand by the concept […]

11th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Road bumps Quality of reciprocity Road bumps Context: On Monday, the Fifteenth Finance Commission submitted its report with recommendations on the formula for sharing the divisible pool of tax revenues between the Centre and the States for the next five years to the President. Relevance: GS Paper 2: Functions & responsibilities of the Union […]

10th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Under Biden, unfurling India’s foreign policy concerns The cost of clearing the air Under Biden, unfurling India’s foreign policy concerns Context: After good ties with Trump, New Delhi must track how the new administration deals with China and Iran, respectively. Relevance: GS Paper 2: Effect of Policies & Politics of Developed and Developing countries on India; Bilateral, Regional, Global groupings & Agreements (involving and/or affecting India) Mains questions The U.S.-India partnership is founded on a shared commitment to freedom, democratic principles, equal treatment of […]


Contents COVID-19, climate and carbon neutrality ‘Strategic comfort’ with the Maldives The good food fix COVID-19, climate and carbon neutrality Context: In the post-COVID-19 world, we should make efforts to ensure that the ‘G’ in GDP is not ‘Gross’ but ‘Green’ Relevance: GS Paper 3: Environmental conservation; Environmental pollution and degradation; Environmental Impact Assessment Mains […]

7th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents Why did cyclones give October a miss? Alimony guidelines Why did cyclones give October a miss? Context: October to December period is among the favourable months for the development of cyclones in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. This year, however, October passed without witnessing a cyclonic storm. Relevance: GS Paper 1: […]

6th November – Editorials/Opinions Analyses

Contents The forgotten fact of China-Occupied Kashmir A normalisation of WFH is unlikely to raise women’s participation in the labour force The forgotten fact of China-Occupied Kashmir Context: On November 1, observed every year in Gilgit-Baltistan as “Independence Day”, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that his government would give the region “provisional provincial status”. […]