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2020 Awardees of Nari Shakthi Puraskar

  1. Dr. Priyanka Mokshmar is the co-founder of Vaayu Home Appliances. Vaayu provides economically affordable and environmentally feasible alternatives to traditional AC units across India – selling their products from Madhya Pradesh to Maharashtra and Delhi.
  2. Ramya Venkataraman’s Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) has created a certification framework that allows for teachers’ skills and competency to be assessed as well as improved.
  3. Shilpi Kapoor started BarrierBreak, a company focused on the accessibility of technology for those with disabilities. The company uses digital access as a way to bridge some of the challenges differently-abled people face daily.
  4. Rinka Banerjee’s Thinking Forks is a consulting organisation, with expertise in the food and nutrition industry which has allowed them to create products to combat acute malnutrition; a program aligned with the Indian Government’s public health efforts.
  5. Nidhi Pant combats the issue around waste and farmer living standards, through her Science for Society team,’s innovative idea of selling dehydrated vegetable snacks.
  6. Anupriya Balikai’s Spookfish Innovations has created a standard for products and ensure quality control for food packaging. Via  inspection machines that are retrofitted and integrated into existing manufacturing lines
  7. Kalpana Sankar, with a double doctorate in Nuclear Physics and Gender Issues, through her organization Hand in Hand is empowering the most marginalised and impoverished women in India through capacity building and training.
  8. Khushboo Jain created ImpactGuru which is a crowdfunding platform that empowers individuals,NGOs and social enterprises, by helping them raise funds for healthcare, social, and personal needs, from family, friends as well as strangers.
  9. Sneha Sundaram’s company Kutuki focuses on bridging the learning gap that exists in Indian pre-schools through their mobile application, which  has garnered over 50,000 users till date and attempts to use data to
  10. Jayanti Pradhan is an agro-processor and farmer from Odisha who has been educating women in her community and equipping them with the tools and knowledge of mushroom farming to enable them to become financially independent.
  11. Jugnu Jain is the founder and CSO, of Sapien Biosciences which is addressing this need for tissue-banks in India by  successfully using medical waste to create medical innovations.
  12. Pratyusha Pareddy founded her startup, NemoCare, in 2017. Her company aims to combat infant mortality and promote neonatal care.
  13. Poonam Bir Kasturi started the Daily Dump which is building products and services for decentralised waste management in homes, community offices and public spaces.
  14.  Ruchi Jain founded Taru Naturals which focuses on sustainable agriculture, striving to empower a network of small-scale farmers by leveraging upon India’s ancient wisdom and sustainable agricultural practices
  15.  Sujata Sahu’s 17000 ft Foundation is a social enterprise focused on providing education and exposure to the communities in the most rural and isolated regions of Ladakh. 
  16. Dr Praveen Nair is a Founder Trustee of Salaam Baalak Trust that has successfully worked in rehabilitating over 81,000 destitute and homeless children. Ms. Nair received the Special Jury Award.
November 2023