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A New Music Frog Species


Recently, scientists have discovered a new species of frog in Arunachal, named Nidirana noadihing.


GS III: Species in News

Discovery of Nidirana Noadihing: A New Music Frog Species

  • Species Name: Nidirana noadihing.
  • Type: Belongs to the category of ‘music frogs.’
  • Distinct Features: Phenotypically unique, identified by a combination of morphological characteristics.
Geographical Distribution:
  • Confirmation: Marks the first-time presence of the Nidirana genus in India.
  • Known Regions: Previously identified in Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.
Habitat and Behavior:
  • Preferred Habitats: Inhabit swamps, ponds, and paddy fields.
  • Reproductive Behavior: Known to construct nests for egg-laying activities.
Naming Significance:
  • Name Origin: Named “Nidirana noadihing” after the Noa-Dihing River, the vicinity of specimen discovery.
Physical Appearance:
  • Eye Characteristics: Moderately large eyes with irregularly shaped and sized spots on their eyelids.
  • Pupil and Iris: Gold-rimmed pupils, dark brown irises with a golden spackle.
  • Stripes: Dark stripes encircle their eyes.

-Source: The Times of India

March 2024