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About Biohacking


Biohacking is picking up in India especially in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai and also slowly making inroads into Tier II and III cities too.


Facts for Prelims

About Biohacking

  • Definition: Biohacking refers to the practice of employing methods from biology, genetics, neuroscience, and nutrition to enhance physical or mental performance, improve overall health and well-being, or achieve specific health outcomes.
  • Objective: Enhance the body’s ability to function at peak performance and potentially extend lifespan.
Categories of Biohacking:
  • Lifestyle: Focuses on making positive health and behavioral choices, including dietary shifts, breathwork, meditation, and exercise.
  • Molecular: Involves the use of natural and synthetic molecules to shift one’s biology, such as taking supplements.
  • Biologics: Utilizes biological products like cells or exosomes (biological bundles of DNA, mRNA proteins, and growth factors) to improve or enhance biology, typically administered through ingestion, injection (e.g., stem cells), or intravenous delivery.
  • Technology: Incorporates devices like wearables (e.g., smartwatches) and diagnostics (e.g., blood sugar monitors) to gather data about the body’s functioning, enabling individuals to adjust their health for improved performance.
  • Legal Status in India: Currently, there are no specific laws in India addressing biohacking.

-Source: The Hindu

May 2024