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About CDP-SURAKSHA Platform


The Government of India has come up with a new digital platform called CDP-SURAKSHA to disburse subsidies to horticulture farmers under the Cluster Development Programme (CDP).


GS II: Government Policies and Interventions


  • Full Form: System for Unified Resource Allocation, Knowledge, and Secure Horticulture Assistance (SURAKSHA).
  • Objective: Instant disbursal of subsidies to farmers directly into their bank accounts using the e-RUPI voucher from the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).
  • Database integration with PM-KISAN.
  • Cloud-based server space provided by NIC.
  • UIDAI validation for authentication.
  • Integration with e-RUPI.
  • Local Government Directory (LGD) for administrative purposes.
  • Content Management System for data and information.
  • Geotagging to track the location of beneficiaries and vendors.
  • Geo-fencing to set geographical boundaries.
  1. Access: The platform is accessible to farmers, vendors, implementing agencies (IA), cluster development agencies (CDA), and officials of the National Horticulture Board (NHB).
  2. Order Placement: Farmers can log in using their mobile number and place orders for planting material like seeds, seedlings, and plants.
  3. Cost Sharing: After placing the order, farmers are prompted to contribute their share of the cost. The government’s subsidy amount is automatically displayed.
  4. e-RUPI Voucher: Upon the farmer’s payment, an e-RUPI voucher is generated, which is received by the vendor supplying the planting material.
  5. Verification: Farmers must verify the receipt of the ordered planting material with geo-tagged photos and videos of their fields.
  6. Payment Release: Once verified, the IA releases the payment to the vendor.
  7. Invoice Upload: Vendors upload an invoice of the payment on the platform. The IA compiles all necessary documents and forwards them to the CDA for subsidy release.
  • Definition: A one-time payment mechanism developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).
  • Redemption: Can be redeemed without a card, digital payments app, or internet banking access at merchants accepting e-RUPI.
  • Distribution: Can be shared with beneficiaries for specific purposes or activities via SMS or QR code.

May 2024