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About Exercise Khaan Quest 2023

Focus: GS III: Security Challeges

Why in News?

Recently, the multinational Peacekeeping Joint Exercise “Ex Khaan Quest 2023” commenced in Mongolia.

About Exercise Khaan Quest 2023:

  • Exercise Khaan Quest 2023 involves military contingents and observers from over 20 countries.
  • The exercise is co-sponsored by the Mongolian Armed Forces (MAF) and the United States Army Pacific Command (USARPAC).
  • The Indian Army is represented by a contingent from the GARHWAL RIFLES.
  • The 14-day exercise aims to enhance the interoperability among participating nations.
  • It focuses on sharing experiences and training uniformed personnel for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (UNPKO).
  • The exercise helps prepare participants for future UN Peacekeeping missions, develop peace operations capabilities, and enhance military readiness.
  • Exercise Khaan Quest 2023 includes various activities such as Command Post Exercise (CPX), Field Training Exercises (FTX), combat discussions, lectures, and demonstrations.
  • The exercise aims to improve the coordination and cooperation between international military forces.
  • It facilitates the exchange of best practices, strategies, and techniques in peacekeeping operations.
  • Through joint training and exercises, participants enhance their skills, knowledge, and capabilities in UNPKO scenarios.

December 2023