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About Fattah Missile:


Iran has recently unveiled its first-ever hypersonic missile, Fattah, which it says can penetrate missile defence systems and will give it a military edge


Facts for Prelims

About Fattah Missile:

  • The Fattah Missile is an intermediate-range ballistic missile developed by Iran.
  • It is capable of traveling at hypersonic speeds, reaching up to 15 times the speed of sound.
  • The missile has a range of 1,400 kilometers and utilizes solid propellants, enabling high maneuverability.
  • It is designed to penetrate missile defense systems and has the ability to utilize different warheads for various missions.

What are Hypersonic Missiles?

  • Hypersonic missiles are a type of missile that travel at speeds of at least Mach 5, which is five times the speed of sound.
  • These missiles can maneuver during flight, making them difficult to track and intercept.
  • Unlike conventional ballistic missiles, hypersonic missiles fly at low altitudes in the atmosphere, allowing them to reach their targets more quickly and with a lower chance of being intercepted by modern air defenses.

-Source: The Print


February 2024