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About Kanha Tiger Reserve (KTR)


A 15-year-old tiger has died after being found in an injured condition near the Kanha Tiger Reserve (KTR) in Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat district.


GS III: Environment and Ecology

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  1. Kanha Tiger Reserve (KTR)
  2. Significant Features

Kanha Tiger Reserve (KTR)

  • Kanha Tiger Reserve, also known as Kanha National Park, is the largest national park in Madhya Pradesh, India.
  • It is situated in the Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh, within the Maikal range of Satpuras, which forms the central Indian highlands.
  • Kanha National Park was established on 1 June 1955 and later designated as a tiger reserve in 1973.
  • Some believe that the forest depicted in Rudyard Kipling’s famous novel, The Jungle Book, was inspired by jungles including this reserve.

Significant Features

  • Kanha Tiger Reserve holds the distinction of being the first tiger reserve in India to introduce an official mascot named “Bhoorsingh the Barasingha.”
  • The park is renowned for its efforts in conserving the Barasingha, the state animal of Madhya Pradesh, from near extinction.


  • The lowland forest in Kanha is a blend of sal (Shorea robusta) and other mixed forest trees, interspersed with meadows.
  • The highland forests exhibit a different character, featuring tropical moist dry deciduous trees and slopes covered with bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus).


  • Kanha Tiger Reserve is home to a significant population of Royal Bengal Tigers, making it an important habitat for these majestic creatures.
  • Other notable wildlife species found in the reserve include leopards, sloth bears, Indian wild dogs, and a diverse range of flora and fauna.

-Source: The Hindu

December 2023