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About Momentum Investing


Many academic studies have shown that momentum investing can generate high returns that comfortably beat the benchmark indices.


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Momentum Investing: Key Characteristics


  • Momentum investing involves purchasing assets, like stocks or bonds, that exhibit a consistent uptrend in prices while divesting assets experiencing a downtrend.

Strategy Basis:

  • Investors following this strategy anticipate that assets with current upward momentum will continue their ascent, enabling profitable selling in the future.

Trend Recognition:

  • Rooted in the belief that discernible trends exist in asset prices and that these trends have a tendency to persist over time.

Profit Objective:

  • Investors aim to capitalize on the continuation of established trends, either upward or downward, to generate substantial profits.

Analytical Approach:

  • Momentum investors typically do not conduct in-depth analyses of fundamental or intrinsic asset values. Decisions are primarily based on observable price trends.

Buy High, Sell Higher:

  • This strategy contradicts the conventional advice of “buy low, sell high.” Momentum investors follow a “buy high, sell higher” approach.

Philosophical Contrast:

  • Highlights a departure from traditional investment wisdom, emphasizing the exploitation of existing price trends rather than seeking undervalued assets.

-Source: The Hindu

February 2024