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About Muria Tribe


Residing in border areas between Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Chhattisgarh, possessing voter cards from both states. One card for voting, the other for proving nativity.


Facts for Prelims

About Muria Tribe

Settlement and Context

  • Located within ‘India’s Red Corridor’ on the AP-Chhattisgarh border, affected by Naxalism.
  • Settlement stands as an oasis within a reserved forest, protected by stringent laws against settlement and deforestation.

Status as Internally Displaced People (IDPs)

  • Muria settlements house around 6,600 IDPs in AP.
  • Referred to as ‘Gutti Koyas’ by native tribes.

Conflict and Displacement

  • Displaced during conflicts between Maoists and Salwa Judum.
  • Salwa Judum mobilized tribal resistance against outlawed armed Naxalites, reportedly with government support in Chhattisgarh.

Cultural and Ethnic Identity

  • Muria are indigenous Adivasi, scheduled tribe Dravidian community in Bastar district, Chhattisgarh.
  • Part of the Gondi people, speaking Koya, a Dravidian language.
  • Embrace progressive perspectives on marriage and life.

-Source: The Hindu

May 2024