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About Rafah Crossing


Recently, the area of the Rafah Border Crossing has been reportedly hit by a military strike.


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Dimensions of the Article:

  1. Rafah Crossing Overview
  2. Key Facts about Sinai Peninsula

Rafah Crossing Overview:

  • Rafah Crossing is located at the southern end of the Gaza Strip, a narrow territory housing approximately 2.3 million people.
  • It is situated between Israel, Egypt, and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • This crossing is under the control of Egypt.
  • Rafah Crossing represents a crucial and often the sole humanitarian route for aid to enter the Gaza Strip from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.
  • There are only two other border crossings in the Gaza region: Erez, a border crossing with Israel in northern Gaza, and Kerem Shalom, a commercial crossing connecting Israel and southern Gaza.

Key Facts about Sinai Peninsula:

  • The Sinai Peninsula is a triangular landmass in northeastern Egypt.
  • It serves as a land bridge, connecting the continents of Asia and Africa.
  • Boundaries:
    • To the north, it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea.
    • To the east, it shares borders with Israel and the Gaza Strip.
    • The Sinai’s western boundary is defined by the Suez Canal, separating it from the African part of Egypt.
    • The Gulf of Suez lies to the southwest.
    • To the immediate south, it is bordered by the Red Sea.
    • The Gulf of Aqaba defines its southeastern boundary.
  • Egypt has maritime boundaries in the Sinai region, sharing them with Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

-Source: The Hindu


June 2024