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About River Devika Rejuvenation Project


Recently, Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Science & Technology sheds light on the progress of the River Rejuvenation Project, Devika. This initiative, inspired by the Namami Ganga campaign, aims to safeguard the sacred Devika River’s purity and health.


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River Devika Rejuvenation Project

Comprehensive Waste Management:
  • Focus on Liquid Waste Management.
  • Creation of a network of pipes and manholes connecting households.
  • Objective: Efficient disposal of liquid waste, preventing pollution, and preserving the sanctity of the river.
Complementary Solid Waste Management:
  • Encompasses responsible collection, disposal, and management of solid waste.
  • Essential to prevent environmental degradation and maintain river and surrounding health.
Financial Allocation Breakdown:
  • Project investment exceeds Rs 190 crores.
  • Allocation shared between Central and Union Territory (UT) at a 90:10 ratio.
Empowering Communities through PRIs:
  • Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) pivotal for grassroots project success.
  • PRIs’ involvement enhances community engagement, fosters ownership, and promotes sustainable development practices.

About Devika River:

  • Originates from Suddha Mahadev temple in Jammu and Kashmir’s Udhampur district.
  • Flows through western Punjab (now Pakistan) where it merges with the Ravi River.
Cultural Significance:
  • Revered by Hindus as sister of the Ganga River.
  • Devika River believed to be a manifestation of Goddess Parwati, benefiting the people of Mader Desha (areas between river Ravi and Chenab).

-Source: Indian Express

February 2024