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About Sammakka-Saralamma Jatara


Recently, the union Minister for Tribal Affairs visited the Sammakka- Saralamma Maha Jatara, in Medaram, Mulugu district of Telangana.


Facts for Prelims

Sammakka-Saralamma Jatara: Commemorating Tribal Devotion in Telangana

Alternative Name:

  • Also Referred To As: Medaram Jatara.

Tribal Goddess Honoring Festival:

  • Location: Celebrated in the state of Telangana, India.
  • Theme: Demonstrates tribal devotion, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to honor the goddesses.

Historical Context:

  • Revolt Commemoration: Commemorates the resistance led by Sammakka and Saralamma, a mother-daughter duo, against taxes imposed by Kakatiya rulers during a 12th-century drought on the tribal population.

Geographical Setting:

  • Location: Medaram, a remote area in the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary within Dandakaranya, the largest surviving forest belt in Mulugu.

Frequency and Timing:

  • Occurrence: A biannual event, held every two years.
  • Timing: Celebrated during the believed visitation time of the tribal goddesses.


  • Offerings: Participants present bangaram/gold (jaggery) equivalent to their weight to the goddesses.
  • Ceremonial Bath: Involves a holy bath in Jampanna Vagu, a tributary to River Godavari.

Cultural and Heritage Significance:

  • Harmony and Preservation: Serves as a platform to enhance understanding and harmony between people and tribal communities.
  • Global Promotion: Promotes the preservation of unique traditions, culture, and heritage of tribal communities on a global scale.

-Source: The Hindu, PIB

April 2024