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About Sea Slugs


Recently, scientists documented a unique species of sea slugs from the Visakhapatnam coast.


GS III: Species in News

About Sea Slugs:

  • Sea slugs are a type of mollusk that belong to the class Gastropoda and are part of the Phylum Mollusca. Here are some key points about sea slugs:
  • Sea slugs look like naked snails, without shells, and are found in both the sea and on land.
  • A unique species of nudibranch sea slugs were recently discovered on the Visakhapatnam shore.
  • Sea slugs are typically found in places with abundant prey bases, which can include sponges, hydroids, and algae.
  • Nudibranchs, a type of sea slug, are often found in coral reefs and are an indicator of a strong coral ecosystem.
  • They mainly feed on algae and are commonly seen in large numbers during algal blooms.
  • While most nudibranchs are active during the day, some species are nocturnal.

-Source: The Hindu

February 2024