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About SIMBEX 23


Indian Naval Ships Ranvijay and Kavaratti and submarine INS Sindhukesari arrived in Singapore to participate in the 30th edition of the Singapore-India Maritime Bilateral Exercise (SIMBEX).


GS III: Security Challenges

About SIMBEX 23:

  • Annual Bilateral Naval Exercise: SIMBEX 23 is an annual bilateral Naval exercise conducted between the Indian Navy and the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN).
  • Longstanding Tradition: This exercise has been conducted since 1994 and holds the distinction of being the longest continuous naval exercise that the Indian Navy has conducted with any other country.
  • Two Phases: SIMBEX-2023 is being conducted in two phases. It commences with a Harbour Phase held in Singapore from September 21 to 24, 2023, followed by a Sea Phase.
  • Participating Assets: In addition to naval vessels like Ranvijay, Kavaratti, and Sindhukesari, the exercise also includes the participation of the Long-Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft P8I.
  • Harbour Phase: The Harbour Phase of SIMBEX 23 focuses on a wide range of professional interactions, cross-deck visits, Subject Matter Expert Exchanges (SMEE), and sports fixtures. These activities are designed to enhance interoperability and mutual understanding between the two navies.
  • Sea Phase: The Sea Phase involves complex and advanced air defense exercises, gunnery firings, tactical maneuvers, anti-submarine exercises, and various other maritime operations. This phase aims to hone the war-fighting skills of both navies and consolidate their capability to undertake multi-discipline operations jointly in the maritime domain.

December 2023