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About the Banjara Community


Recently, the Union government of India kicked-off year-long celebrations to mark the 284th birth anniversary of Santh Sevalal Maharaj, a spiritual and religious leader of the Banjara community.


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  1. About the Banjara Community:
  2. About Santh Sevalal Maharaj

About the Banjara Community:

  • The Banjara community consists of various groups found throughout India, with a significant population in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.
  • They have settled in permanent settlements called Tandas, abandoning their nomadic lifestyle.
  • The Banjara people speak Gor Boli, also known as Lambadi, which belongs to the Indo-Aryan group of languages and has no script.
  • Teej is a festival celebrated by young unmarried Banjara girls in Shravanam (August), where they pray for a good groom.
  • Fire dance and Chari are traditional dance forms of the Banjara people.

About Santh Sevalal Maharaj:

  • Santh Sevalal Maharaj is a social reformer and spiritual teacher of the Banjara community.
  • He travelled across the country with his Ladeniya Troup to serve forest dwellers and nomadic tribes.
  • Maharaj possessed excellent skills and knowledge in Ayurveda and Naturopathy, enabling him to dispel myths and superstitions prevalent in tribal communities.

Source: Indian Express

February 2024