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About The Hakki-Pikki Tribe


Thirty-one tribals belonging to ‘Hakki-Pikki’ are stranded in Sudan, where violent clashes between a powerful paramilitary force and the country’s armed forces are going on.


Facts for prelims

About Hakki-Pikki tribe

  • The Hakki-Pikki tribe is a semi-nomadic tribal group that belongs to the state of Karnataka in India.
  • Name and Occupation: The name ‘Hakki’ means ‘bird’ in Kannada, while ‘Pikki’ means the verb ‘to catch.’ Therefore, the community is known as the ‘bird catcher,’ which is their traditional occupation.
  • Location: The population of the Hakki-Pikki tribe is predominantly found in the Shivamogga, Davanagere, and Mysuru districts of Karnataka.
  • Language: The Hakki-Pikki tribe’s mother tongue was designated as ‘Vaagri’ by scholars, and UNESCO has listed ‘Vaagri’ as one of the endangered languages.
  • Traditional Medical Knowledge: The Hakki-Pikki tribe has traditional medical knowledge that is in demand in several African countries. They have resided in the dense jungles for a long time and created their plant and herb-based medicine systems.

-Source: The Hindu

February 2024